The Truth of Missed Opportunities

A new morning, another glimpse of memories of springtime!

To have the simple beauty of clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine greet me two days in a row must have been too much for me to savor. I thrilled to it, walked the riverside again reveling in the sunshine, yet still believed that the chill of winter would rule the day. Paradise lost!

Refreshed from the cold, bright riverwalk, I languished through the day, watching the wind ripple the flag and reading of old rods and old times. When at last I expected the mail, I stepped onto the porch and was struck by the warmth radiating from the southwestern sky. A glance at the thermometer beguiled me: 48 degrees! With February knocking, 48-degree sunshine feels quite like summer, and I was driven to sit awhile, to sip my favorite Cold Snap ale and enjoy the moment. By the time I had checked the contents of my parcel from Dette Flies and finished my draught, the awakened thermometer betrayed fifty-one!

That pleasant moment left me with regret, for I realized this day had offered more than a sunny riverwalk. The gift offered was a fishing day, one I failed to unwrap and enjoy.


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