Humor and Futility

I tried to fish today. Yes I knew the winds were forecast to be 15 to 25 mph, but I also know that there is an inch and a half of rain coming between tomorrow and tomorrow night. Rivers are already high, reservoirs a nearly full, so significant rainfall means there won’t be any fishing for a few days, perhaps more, so I took a chance that I could pick a reach of water that was protected from the strong southeast winds.

I ended up standing out in the middle of the river watching a couple of big fish smash the occasional bug and laughing, because the wind was blowing straight down the pipe at 30 to 35 mph every time I tried to cast. It became such a futile effort it was funny.

Walking along the road looking for activity the wind seemed manageable. Climbing in and waiting for one of those trout to rise again, still manageable. Spotting a rise, fixing my eye on the nearest rock on the bottom to mark the spot, trying to make an initial backcast and whoa; somebody turned on the fans! This isn’t the first time I have experienced this phenomena.

Its tough to finally have a few flies hatching and not be able to do anything about it. If we get the hard rain that is forecast there’s a chance the hatch will be over before its possible to get back on the water. Yes I have a boat but there are limits.

I made my second solo float on the West Branch yesterday. It was bright, warm and lovely to be out there. There were mayflies hatching in the afternoon and there were a few trout rising, but no where near what the weather would lead you to expect. I landed five browns and missed a couple. If you look at that in terms of miles covered I guess I found one rising trout per mile.

I shot a quick little video while I was anchored and looking for fish. I’ll share it, just because it was such a beautiful day. I think I will keep watching it myself; just to remember what that kind of day looks like.

One thought on “Humor and Futility

  1. Mark! I love the video. Keep those coming. Flows super high here. Got out to little j last week. One rising trout at the quarry. Caught him. Nice 10” native. But water 49 and cfs 700. Scary wading. Little activity. Wish I had that boat! Thinking of you


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