The Dreaded May Lull

The Last Day with bugs, and rain, and wind…
and now… Spring! Sunshine and barren water

It seems that, now that spring has finally arrived, we have been dumped into the throes of the notorious May lull. The lull is that fateful period between the hatches: beautiful days with nothing happening.

In a good year the Shad caddis hatch comes off between the Hendricksons and the March Browns and makes for some very interesting fishing. It seems that this isn’t going to be one of those years. I have seen the caddis, fully half a dozen per day, so there is no mystery why there are no trout rising.

The other day I fished three different rivers and saw one trout rise, one time. Today I walked better than four miles, up and down a favorite reach of water, with nary a dimple in the surface. I took a look at another popular river and found it exceedingly popular, but most of the anglers I saw were standing around and staring, not actually fishing. Such is the fate of the dedicated dry fly man!

Tomorrow I plan to drop the boat into the mainstem Delaware for the first time this season, and I hope to find some of those missing caddisflies. I would be marvelous to finish the day with a fall of Hendrickson spinners, something I have not encountered. I fear that several hard frosts and snow showers took their toll upon them. I pray I am wrong, as I would like to see a better hatch next spring should Mother Nature favor us with better conditions.

For the moment all I can do is to give thanks that my prayers for sunshine have been answered. The lull will end, it always does, and there will be flies and rises to bring smiles to all our faces. It is simply a matter of when and where. I cast my vote for tomorrow on the Delaware.

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