The Delaware River Story

The Mainstem of the Delaware River, Buckingham, Pennsylvania

“The Delaware River Story: Water Wars, Trout Tales and a River Reborn” (Stackpole Books 2020) tells the tale of a great American river from its beginnings as life-giver and primitive water trail, through its period as a vital commercial highway and fishery, important to the growth of a new nation, and finally to its position today as a recreational mecca for thousands of urbanites seeking a touch of the wild. Author Lee Hartman relates the history of the river and its people, speaking as one who truly loves the Delaware River.

The book is well written and well researched, but its most remarkable achievement may be the chronicle of the conservation effort that still continues. Hartman has been deeply involved in these efforts as a founder of Friends of The Upper Delaware River (FUDR) and current co-chairman of the Delaware River Committee of the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited. All of us who enjoy the beauty, wildness and purity of these waters owe Hartman a debt of gratitude.

The book clears up a variety of misconceptions and sheds light on the tremendous ongoing effort to preserve the river’s wild trout fishery and its nationally ranked recreational value to the Catskill community.

As one of the early river guides and owner of the first fly fishing lodge on the banks of the Upper Delaware River, Lee Hartman feels the pulse of the river and its fishery, telling its story with enlightenment.

Everyone who enjoys the magic of a Delaware rainbow streaking for freedom, the sight of an eagle circling above the morning mist over the river, as well as everyone who questions the conservation movement in America should read this book.

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