Hallowed Waters Journal

On The Neversink, 2019

I have known Matt Supinski for twenty-five years, give or take, and I have continually marveled at the man’s talents in the world of angling. Fishing at his Gray Drake Lodge in 2012, Matt guided me to the steelhead of a lifetime, all during our stay sharing tidbits from his groundbreaking book Selectivity. The book was a marvel, and I was certain that it would be his magnum opus; at least until I opened the covers of last year’s The Brown Trout Atlantic Salmon Nexus. Matt is a brilliant angler, as well as a superb writer, and that is why I am excited about his forthcoming project: Hallowed Waters Journal.

Many of us who cherish classic angling have been put off by the over commercialization of our sport by the rank and file fly fishing magazines. Simply put, serious fly anglers don’t care to pay to read sales pitches for exotic destinations and the same old fly rods packaged with new paint and ever higher price tags.

Matt Supinski has taken a great stride forward into digital publishing, announcing a new online magazine that offers fly fishing in the soft light of evening along the stream. Regular features will pay homage to the classic people, flies, techniques and writings that formed the history of the sport, a legacy completely unknown to a majority of newcomers to fly fishing. Modern approaches to tactics and flies will likewise have a voice.

The Journal will cover fly fishing for trout, salmon and steelhead, the foundation species of our angling lifestyle. Regular features will explore the science vital to understanding these fish and their habitats, and conserving fisheries worldwide. There is a growing youth movement in our sport, and Hallowed Waters Journal will feature news and developments of interest to young anglers too. There is more, much more displayed in the preview.

The preview issue of Hallowed Waters Journal is online now. It may be found, along with the publication schedule and subscription information, at https://hallowedwaters.com/. There you will view a sampling of the content and stunning photography that has me excited about my own subscription.

The first issue launches in September, and I am looking forward to a bold, new experience in angling publications. Matt Supinski has a lifetime of worldwide angling experience and personal contacts to share. If you know the man as I do, you know his magazine will be a cut above anything we have seen in this genre.

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