Droplets of rain splashed my windows after five this morning, enough I was hoping to refresh the rivers. Alas though the puddles left behind at daybreak seemed promising, the gages showed almost nothing. Tomorrow could be the day, with the forecast boasting of an inch and a half to come, but that is a forecast for thunderstorms, always chancy, and usually much less beneficial than an extended period of gentle rainfall. Wait and see, for some added flow would be most welcome to herald October and the dual season.

All this leaves this afternoon for fishing. The Mainstem beckons, as she has given up a few of her wonderful rainbows to the dry fly of late, though insects have been sparse. Water temperatures remain ideal, though they have warmed over several warmer days and nights. Moodiness is a well known trait of the Delaware River.

There has been a lot of river traffic, with plenty of wading anglers and nearly a dozen drift boats passing during weekday afternoons. In autumn, one hopes for solitude, but there is none it seems in 2020. A long walk is helpful in that regard, though it does not insure a quiet reach to angle.

The weather remains moody today, with clouds and sunshine trading dominance. I love the feel of sunshine on my shoulders as I cast, but the cloudiness might just stimulate the hatches somewhat. What wouldn’t I give for a good hatch of isonychia?

It might be wise to carry a rain jacket along, but a nylon fishing shirt will have to do. I enjoy the freedom of the light chest pack too much! A snack I think, then on to the river…

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