Sunlight and Wandering

Still some time to wait until spring begins to blossom…

I have enjoyed the past two days of warm afternoon sunshine and walks along the rivers. I have even had a tease or two from a rising trout. There were four of them on Sunday, all but one too far from me to even consider a cast. Different fish in different places: one timers. The last was certainly a little fellow, in the same foot deep water I was walking through: blip…hello…I am wishing for spring as much as you are!

Our forecast looking ahead seems to be saying spring, in that fitful way we so often see here in the Catskills. Rain is coming, and with it the rivers will rise and wading will fade from being the preferred method of navigation. Seeing the writing on the wall I expect to uncover my drift boat today, to mount the oars and check her over, test the tires and trailer lights, simply get everything ready to go. I have seen several boats on the river already, some obviously guides with clients. I cannot imagine what brings them out so soon, unless it is the same desperation for spring that I am feeling; a guided float trip is an expensive proposition, at least for a working man.

Perhaps this afternoon I’ll take one more dose of that sunshine, even if I know the trout aren’t ready yet. There’s always a chance that one of those eager beavers will rise in casting range, and more than a single time. There’s a chance I might just have a little black stonefly dry on my tippet at that moment, and place a cast just upstream from his expression of premature exuberance.


2 thoughts on “Sunlight and Wandering

  1. crookededdy, just found your blog recently. Nice reflections. Can’t wait to fish the Catskills this year. It will be my second time being there for more than a day.


  2. Hi Mark , still in Orlando till next week so being able to see a pic of the river is good for my heart. While I enjoy being down here for a week or two I feel the Catskill’s calling stronger and stronger. Any luck yet on a vaccine shot for you ? Hope to see you soon. Mike C


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