Summer Conditions Are Back

Another heat wave arrived for the weekend and promises to linger until the end of the week. Thunderstorms could provide some brief relief to anglers and trout, though water temperatures will continue to rise in the afternoons. I am hoping that does not become our recurring forecast as it did last June, when a protracted heat wave shut down the best of our fishing during the final weeks of spring.

JA and I baked late yesterday as we waited for the cool of late evening and wished for a strong rise of trout. Our hopes were pinned to a big finale for the Green Drake hatch, with loads of Coffin Flies and other spinners, or perhaps a strong hatch of the huge, fluttering duns. It was not to be, though we lingered well past nine, ever anticipating that one great hookup.

Actually, JA got his, with a solid take to his new Drake pattern, and a strong upstream run that separated that fly from his leader! He had caught a brown earlier on that fly, so the initial reports of the pattern test look promising. We both fished the pattern thoroughly on a tough evening where most of the risers seemed to be one and done; that well known situation I have dubbed wiggling bug syndrome.

Fly anglers see the effects of WBS quite often. When there is a good hatch of insects, trout will generally take advantage of the opportunity to feed, either on the surface making dry fly bums smile, or below it. During those times where we observe only a smattering of insects in the drift, or nearly none of them, there often seems to be a trout here and there that will come up hard on something: the dreaded one timer. Our highly evolved wild trout have learned to key more heavily on movement of their prey as the final stimulus, so they can be tempted when a wiggling, fluttering, lone insect passes overhead.

There looks to be some morning fishing on my calendar, at least while the overnight temperatures can cool the warming rivers down to spur some brief trout activity. Rainfall will be welcomed! It seems like the perfect time to get out the Cornuta box. These bigger, brighter blue winged olives are a morning hatch and the time is right for them to appear. Time as well to finally get my summer outfit, the 8 foot Sweetgrass Pent out on the river with a dry fly on the leader. The rod, conceived during some email discussions with Jerry Kustich last summer, arrived back in December. It has been waiting in the rod rack too long!

My friend Andrew beat me to the punch, having ordered his own in early spring. He returned home from our reunion week in the Catskills to take delivery of his 8′ Pent, wasting no time in heading to Penn’s Creek to fish the new Sweetgrass rod and VR Design Trutta Perfetta reel. I love it! (Photo Courtesy Andrew Boryan)


It appears the big drakes are behind us for this season, so it is the perfect time to give my five and six weight rods a rest and get my four weight out. Time for me to introduce it to the rivers it was conceived for, the sparkling and enchanting rivers of my heart. Thank you Jerry and Glenn, from both of us, in Pennsylvania and The Catskills!

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