Rainy Day Meanderings

Summertime…but the skies are dark and foreboding.

I was tying flies early this morning, trying to get my “work” in before it’s time to head to the river. I talked to my old friend Matt Supinski yesterday. He is taking his summer holiday away from the wilds of Michigan and we made plans to fish a bit this week. I wanted to tie a few of the patterns that have been productive recently to throw his way. I generally put together a pill bottle of dries for my friends when they visit, and I have known Matt for a long time.

We both have a long history in Pennsylvania’s Cumberland Valley, chasing difficult trout on those bright little spring creeks during the good old days. We’re both passionate about wild trout to the point of obsession, and that commonality of purpose has made it easy for us to get along over more than twenty-five years. I have enjoyed the hospitality of his Gray Drake Lodge, and we have fished a bit here in the Catskills.

Gratuitous monster fish photo offered for historical reference: my steelhead of a lifetime, a twenty-one pound wild double red band Michigan buck taken fishing with Matt on a particularly frigid morning; 12 February 2012. (Photo courtesy Matt Supinski)

Matt has been keeping busy as usual, channeling his creative energies into the publication of his wonderful online magazine, Hallowed Waters Journal. He and his lovely wife Laurie have worked tirelessly to produce an exceptional publication for fly anglers, and the most recent expansion of this venture is the Hallowed Waters Podcast. Matt tipped me to the second episode recently, as his guest was another old Central Pennsylvania stream prowler; former Catskill fly shop owner and guide Paul Weamer. Paul has authored a number of successful books during the past decade or so, and now lives, writes and guides in Montana. I first heard of Paul from the late Charlie Meck, a fine gentleman angler and one of our most prolific fly fishing authors, and talked with him during his years running Border Waters Outfitters when I visited Hancock, New York.

Hallowed Waters logo courtesy Matt Supinski.

The subject of the podcast was near and dear to all of our hearts, dry fly fishing for trout. There’s some great information here for fly anglers, the kind of stuff anglers like Paul, Matt and myself have spent decades learning on the water. Here’s the link. I recommend that you check it out. https://anchor.fm/hallowedwaters

A rainy summer morning like this one just screams blue winged olives, and I am hoping to pick the right reach of river to find one of those nice, long midday hatches. A day like this is welcome after one of the hottest weeks of the summer.

I think I have a half dozen or so olive emergers left in my fingers, at least once I brew that second cup of coffee. It’s not that I don’t have boxes of them, but I have always found a little luck in flies tied the morning of a fishing trip. For me that’s just one of the little bits of magic I find in this game!

My BWO Crippled Emerger: This morning’s fly for today’s wild trout?

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