Memorial Day

Catching my breath a bit this weekend. It doesn’t seem like it can possibly be Memorial Day already. Before this new season has even gotten properly underway, here we are at the peak.

There are a great many places I would like to be fishing today, though low flows and hot weather will impact most of them and keep me away. I feel for my brother the trout, for there will be masses of anglers too focused upon their wants and needs that will flog those waters despite the warm conditions. Our forecasts have been filled with stormy days and nights of late, yet little in the way of rain has fallen to recharge the rivers.

There are a few Translucense flies on my list to tie this morning, a couple of smaller March Browns I hope may find a chance to tempt a good trout come afternoon. I finally captured a hatching dun last week, snatched him from the air that I might confirm his size and color in this season of sparse emergences. Difficult fishing has at least given me the opportunities to pit my Translucense Series experiments against the wariest of our wild brown trout, and the results have been promising.

I am still waiting for that active day, the good steady hatch of flies with numbers of feeding fish, the kind of day at the heart of the fly fisher’s lust for springtime. There are usually any number of those days between mid-April and the end of May, for this indeed is our prime dry fly season. Nature has something else in store for me this year. The game will be determining just what it is!

Wednesday holds the only expectations for rainfall this week, and that hope is pinned to the whims of thunderstorms, just as it has been of late. Of course, there is still the question of the tailwaters and the City’s Aqueduct Project. Rumors seem to be the only information available. I talked with a friend who listened to the Zoom presentation the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum sponsored earlier in the year. He said that City officials offered no details regarding their planned drawdown of the reservoir system. Something will happen, but exactly what and when they deem superfluous public information. If they need to drawdown their reservoirs, an extra hundred cfs or two of release flow per dam would do our rivers a world of good right now, in the traditional peak of the recreational fishing season.

I’ve been fishing more days and hours than usual these past few weeks and finding less action. The rest this holiday weekend has provided has been welcome. The Catskill Legends Dinner was a welcome respite, and I enjoyed saying hello to a few friends as we congratulated the honorees, Mike Canazon and John Hoeko. I had the chance to read the new book just released by another Catskill Legend: Ed Ostapczuk. His “Wanderings of A Mountain Fly Fisher” (Epigraph Books, Rhinebeck, New York) is warm and personal, and his tales will charm you! Ed’s passion for wild trout and Catskill waters touches all of us who angle for trout. I understand you can find it on Amazon and other outlets.

Perhaps a bit of breakfast and then time to get to those flies…

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