Clouds have passed through the Catskills for months. Finally, they have shared their burden with our parched rivers!

It is quiet here this morning in Crooked Eddy, and I can hear precious rainfall trickling o’er the roof above my window. Our rivers have good flows at this hour, and the gentle rain seems wont to continue today throughout the heart of the Catskills. My respite from fishing is destined to extend to a full week and I have no complaints. In fact, I am grateful.

Yes, I feel the rivers tugging at me, calling me back, but I am satisfied to let them breathe a moment, to let them heal as rest has healed my tired bones. Cool water now runs across river rocks that have been dry and baking in the sun for weeks. It is cause for celebration!

I have not tied a single fly since the end of August, though I may at some point today. I feel I can exhale finally, that it is permissible to think about autumn mayflies. Ah that trickling, like tiny bells! What a beautiful sound!

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